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Lotte Giants Beer Girl Dances, Dumps Beer All Over Herself

A Lotte Giants beer vendor got super into the dance cam yesterday and started dumping beer all over herself and dancing like a mad woman.

This beer vendor has a standing offer for one marriage or, in the alternative, one day of getting wild at a baseball game. This is from the Lotte Giants game against the Samsung Lions yesterday at Sajik Stadium and during a fan dance cam moment, a beer girl got really into it and just let loose. She dumped the beer she was holding over her head, ripped her hat and backpack off, and started running and dancing through the aisle. I don't know if anyone has ever had as much fun doing anything as she had doing this.

One marriage, or one day of drinking. I'm on Ello, look me up.

h/t @MyKBO

[Lotte Giants]