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Headline: "Amphibious" Pat Venditte Makes MLB Debut

A newspaper headline declared that Pat Venditte was baseball's first "amphibious" pitcher. He's also ambidextrous!

Favorite headline of week. He pitches righty, lefty — and evidently, also underwater. Faces Aquaman in next outing.
— Neill Woelk (@NeillWoelk) June 8, 2015

We've come a long way as walking and talking masses of tissue and organs. Our ability to engage in rational thought, coupled with an innate curiosity to explore and investigate has allowed us to create language, harness fire, and build tools in such a way that human beings are indisputably the most advanced life form on the planet. That is a pretty big deal! But the deal just got bigger. Behold, the world's first amphibious pitcher.

As a pitcher who can survive both on land and in water, we don't know what Oakland's Pat Venditte has to offer Major League Baseball, or the world at large, but neither did the Germans understand what Gutenberg was up to with all his individual letters and ink. In time we will come to harness the true power of the amphibious Pat Venditte, but what's even crazier—and more relevant to baseball—is that he is also ambidextrous, and pitches with both his left and right arms. He is truly a marvel.