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Cauboyz Build DIY Installation That Merges Graphic Typography With Baroque Pop

Watch French band Husbands’ new music video for “Dreams”, featuring genius construction and flashing typography.

Husbands - "Dream" from Cauboyz on Vimeo.

If the Renaissance illusionary tactic of trompe-l'oeil ever made a comeback through technology, it would be in Husbands' new music video for their song “Dream,” directed by Cauboyz. Hailing from France, photographer Bertrand Jamot and graphic designer Philippe Tytgat form Cauboyz, creating minimalist, word-based music videos.

In their previous video for "Set You Free" by The Black Keys, they placed words on the label of a revolving can, and in a short New Years Eve teaser you can party with unanimated, quirky objects like a vampire babushka doll and a dog-faced PEZ candy dispenser as they bop their heads to the beat.


The simple, yet brilliant concept for “Dream” fools viewers into thinking the flashing retro typographies are done digitally. A closer look into the mesmerizing video reveals the DIY and derelict construction of light-up boxes with phrases and words that are choreographed alongside the romantic lyrics of the song. Looking back at the television stacks of Fluxus performer turned video artist, Nam June Paik, Cauboyz build a light installation graphically expressing the Baroque, electronic pop fusion of Husbands.

For “Dream,” they pushed the boundaries of their craft. Leaving behind opulent, costly gimmicks, Cauboyz assembled light-up boxes in a wooden frame–each box connected to a control panel with switches assigned to each phrase and word in the song. Altogether, the work becomes a performance in itself. Watch out for the cascading words in the chorus and change in pattern at the bridge.

Making Of: Husbands “Dream”

Videos and Photos Courtesy of Cauboyz