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The Incredible MIDI Jacket Controls Audio Production With Your Movements

Mexican clothing label MACHINA integrates fashion and controllerism.

Aside from keeping me warm, providing storage for my keys, and occasionally coming up with a long lost dollar bill, my jacket doesn’t do very much. To Mexican clothiers MACHINA, that’s just not an acceptable state of affairs. Accordingly, their MIDI Jacket is not only a dapper piece of outerwear, it’s also a fully functioning MIDI controller. With it, you can use your movements to control various parameters in your software.


Rather than being a hybrid of a jacket and standard MIDI controller, the MIDI Jacket attempts to redefine controllerism altogether. Sure, there are a few keys above the pocket, but having an accelerometer in the sleeve so that you can control parameters by bending your arm is something that’s never been done before.

This idea has the potential to be revolutionary in the live performance aspect of controller-based music. Instead of seeing a guy hunched over a laptop, or a guy hunched over a laptop surrounded by reactive projections, the guy himself can be an active part of the show, and his actions will actually be relevant to the music.

Here’s hoping a pair of MIDI Jeans come out soon to accompany the jacket.

[via: DJ Tech Tools]