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Spend Two Minutes with Power Pop Trio The Chinchees and Their Giant Grape

We're not sure why the Minneapolis band has a huge grape as their mascot, but we like it.

The Chinchees are a power pop trio from Minneapolis and their debut album is addictive—like, stupidly addictive. Eleven lo-fi jams laced with simple but thoroughly catchy hooks in the vein of the Marked Men. Their new video for "Gorp" sees the band being haunted by what they call "The Almighty Grape," a large purple character that they created for a grape-themed party last year and has since become their mascot. (It also graces the cover of the album, chasing them through the woods.)


Admittedly, there are a lot of things in this video that we don't "get" or that "make sense to us," Like, for example, why they are being followed by a giant grape or why they are obsessed with fruit or what the significance is of the framed photo of country singer Moe Bandy that is constantly in the background. But then again, that's sort of the appeal. The Chinchees feel like one big inside joke among three friends, and we want in.

Check out "Gorp" below and pre-order the Chinchees' album for more of their Midwestern pop goodness.