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Carrie Mundane Invades Mainstream Culture and Stonehenge

Cassette Playa on, well, just about everything.
September 1, 2010, 2:40pm

Carri Mundane of UK-based fashion label, Cassette Playa, has got mad style, but prefers to categorize herself as an art director because, “fashion is only one way I’m realizing my ideas,” she says in the above video on her collaboration with Swatch. As she describes it, her line is a “thread between ancient civilizations and new cultures,” and for her, fashion is the easiest way to fuze the communication and synergy of modern times. Every time we watch her in an interview, her idiosyncratic mishmash of colors, patterns and accents are so cacophonous, it’s sometimes hard to think that her distinct individuality can be modified, repackaged, and eventually worn by the rest of us. Somehow it works because even big “playas” like Nike and Swatch want a piece of her influence.

Her Swatch watch features deep acidic colors and a face with a holographic eye (check out how she rocks two at the same time in the video), but what’s disappointing is that her original design for Nike Dunk High Premium (which also features a striking blue iris), wasn’t actually chosen for production. A slightly “safer” orange-soled design was made instead. We want to know more about why she’s highlighting the eye so much. Maybe it’s some sort of coded communication on the topic of looking vs. seeing, but we guess we’ll have to wait for the next collaboration to see if there really is a connection. At least going to the mall has just gotten that more interesting. Towards the end of the video she reveals her biggest influence/person responsible for her interest in working with Swatch in the first place — an artist who truly believed that art is for the masses.