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Only Now’s “Liquid Eyes” Tells a Shadowy Story of Psychic Stigmata

The fear-inducing track is from the San Francisco producer’s forthcoming Infinite Machine EP 'Timeslave.'
Photo courtesy of artist

The Ludovico technique scene in Stanley Kubrick's 1971 dystopian film A Clockwork Orange might be one of the toughest fictional sequences to stomach. In it, the extremely troubled young protagonist is forced to watch violent and graphic content with his eyes propped open—images he couldn't unsee even if he tried.

San Francisco producer Only Now, aka Kush Arora, evokes the same sense of darkness and fear in his new track "Liquid Eyes," except in this case, the frightening images are coming from within. The song, he told THUMP over email, is a "journey about a case of psychic stigmata, bleeding from the eyes once psychic visions were revealed." With a base of metal pipes and cyber kuduro drums recreated from physical modeling synths, "Liquid Eyes" is a symphonic overstimulation of clangs, scrapes, and atmospheric dread.

The track will appear on Only Now's forthcoming EP, Timeslave, out June 30 on Infinite Machine. As its title suggests, the release is inspired by the concept of time, which the producer views as the universe's one binding force. "Our power is how we interact and manipulate, or disconnect from time," he said. "Money can buy anything, but our mortality (so we think) is bound by it as well."

Listen to "Liquid Eyes" below.