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Russian Roulette (Dispatch 81)

VICE News went on the Governor of Donetsk's private jet and later spoke with him about a new law that gives the separatists autonomy.
September 19, 2014, 11:20pm

On September 16, Ukraine passed a controversial law under an unusual secret voting procedure that granted greater autonomy to the separatist regions in eastern Ukraine, as well as amnesty for most of the pro-Russia forces in the region.


This is a significant development in the conflict, and might signal an end to the war that has ravaged the country for months.

VICE News spoke to Donetsk Governor Taruta Deems on his private jet as the legislation was passed. We also interviewed members of the Azov Battalion at their base right outside the coastal town of Mariupol.


War in Peace: Divided East Ukraine Braces As Ceasefire Crumbles

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