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Russian Roulette (Dispatch 80)

Despite the ceasefire, civilians are now facing the threat of unexploded shells in Ukraine:

With the ceasefire in eastern Ukraine holding, the city of Donetsk is slowly beginning to fill with people. As the fear of sudden death from shelling begins to fade - for now - a few thousand people gathered this week at the city's World War II memorial for Donbas Liberation Day. The event, which commemorates when Soviet armies forced the Nazis from the region in 1943, featured veterans speaking about that conflict, as well as those fighting in the current struggle.


In addition to being able to celebrate victories old and new, the people of the Donetsk region are now able to count the costs of the brutal fighting over the past few months. VICE News headed to the town of Ilovaisk to see how the DNR are delivering food aid to beleaguered residents, who for weeks have been without gas, electricity, and water. Not only are the civilians of the town facing a humanitarian crisis, the threat of unexploded ordnance from the fighting also looms large. Now, small but dedicated teams are trying to dispose of the ordnance before more civilians get hurt.

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