Monthly Horoscope: Pisces, October 2018
Illustrations by Nicole Ginelli
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Monthly Horoscope: Pisces, October 2018

Like you, Libra is a gentle, thoughtful sign, a lover of peace and beauty...but don’t expect October to be all cuddles and cuteness!
September 28, 2018, 2:26pm

Welcome to Libra season, Pisces! Like you, Libra is a gentle, thoughtful sign, a lover of peace and beauty…but don’t expect October to be all cuddles and cuteness! Sweet Venus is in fellow water sign Scorpio, so the vibe is much closer to sex-dungeon than flirty autumn picnic. I have a feeling you’re okay with that, anyway, dear fish.

Venus retrograde in Scorpio begins on October 5 (and ends on November 16), which will find you reevaluating your beliefs, especially around Venusian themes like love, money, and beauty. You'll be considering questions like like: Do you want to try a new relationship format, like polyamory, or perhaps, a switch back to monogamy? What are your values around relationships? What role does spirituality play in your life? And when it comes to money—are you unintentionally investing in ideologies you’re against by spending your cash at businesses that don’t support your values? These are big questions, but Pisces, Venus in Scorpio isn’t interested in small talk—it wants answers and it wants to get deep!


Your need for freedom and your desire for connection are sometimes at odds with one another, but this really needn’t be so, Pisces. You’re totally afraid of being tied down or controlled, but that doesn’t have to cost you any relationships or intimate connection—if you find that you’re constantly bumping into this problem, consider that perhaps you are connecting with the wrong people. Do you feel totally free, but have a hard time finding people who want to deeply connect? Then, this Venus retrograde may shift things around for you—a new perspective will come, and opportunities you missed in the past may finally come back around.

Think back to autumn 2010—that was the last time Venus was retrograde in Scorpio, and similar themes are likely to arise. Think back over the last month, too: Venus entered its pre-retrograde shadow period on September 3, so many of the issues from the past month will be revisited. Like any retrograde, you should also keep an eye out for people from your past who will come back around to say hello.

The new moon in Libra arrives on October 8, marking the beginning of a fresh cycle in your life around sex and intimacy, dear fish. What do you want your sex life to be like? This is a potent time for manifestation and spell casting, so carve a candle or create a vision board for your dream situation. Sex isn’t the only theme coming up during this new moon; you'll also be considering financial issues—particularly the tricky ones, like debts, taxes, and inheritances. Libra is the sign of partnership, and some things are just easier done with a partner to cheer you on, so if you’re having a tough time getting your bills organized, ask a friend who is good at that kind of thing to come over and help you.


Emotionally, this is an important new moon around processing grief and letting go of fear, but as communication planet Mercury enters Scorpio on October 9, philosophical breakthroughs will arrive to help you see things from a new perspective. You might be feeling in the dark, but sometimes, it’s in the dark that the most magical transformations are made!

Mercury opposes wildcard Uranus, and Venus retrograde clashes with Mars, on October 10, bringing surprising news your way and inspiring you to trust your gut and take a risk. Mercury meets Venus on October 15, bringing a sweet message from a faraway place—one that likely should have arrived long ago. Mercury connects with one of your planetary rulers, Neptune, on October 19, creating an especially imaginative and creative atmosphere.

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The sun enters Scorpio and opposes Uranus on October 23, bringing unexpected invitations your way, as well as some sudden psychic downloads, and likely, some shocking news. A conversation that has been brewing finally takes place during the full moon in Taurus, which arrives on October 24. Emotions run high, so expect that people will be venting hard. Powerful emotional release is taking place! The sun meets Venus on October 26, finding you making a potent realization about your wants and values. If you’re traveling, in school, or even publishing—Scorpio season, plus the Venus retrograde, plus communication planet Mercury being in Scorpio, will bring exciting developments. Mercury meets one of your ruling planets, Jupiter, on October 29, bringing a dash of luck and a breakthrough in understanding. Again, if you’re abroad, studying, or publishing, this is a powerful time for you, Pisces!

Halloween is busy: Mercury enters Sagittarius, Venus opposes Uranus and reenters Libra! Freedom is a huge theme for all of us this month, Pisces, but especially for you, as you’re itching to break out of your everyday routine in a very big way. Venus opposing Uranus will really push you to a place of wanting to experiment: in your love life, with your style—with everything! You’re eager to travel, learn, and connect with people who have unusual ideas. You’re tired of the same old shit! Just keep in mind, Pisces, that if you try to cut your own bangs, Venus retrograde is not an ideal time to permanently change your looks, so keep things reversible until Venus goes direct on November 16.

Mercury’s entry into Sagittarius is exciting for your career and will find you connecting with the public in a big way. However, Venus’s reentry into Libra will find you retreating a bit, reflecting on issues concerning trust and intimacy (not just around sex, but money, too), reconnecting with yourself, and tending to the ways your heart has been broken. I’ve heard it said once that the heart doesn’t break, only its capacity to love increases, and I know this will be true for you, sweet fish. Good luck this month and see you in November!