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Watch This Drunk AF Black Metal Band Totally Tank a Performance

The only consolation here is that the band members probably won't remember even playing the gig.

This article originally appeared on Noisey Germany.

Drinking alcohol before a live performance has always been a precarious dance with the all-too-sober devil of music. Having a single beer is one thing; no big deal, whatever. We'd even venture to say a beer and some shots can flush the stage fright right out of you—or it can go horribly wrong and end in pure debauchery. Take, for example, the Finnish black metal band Azazel, whose alcoholic tendencies illustrate how painfully terrific it can be when a band bombs a performance.

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They should've opened Steelfest, an outdoor metal festival north of Helsinki, on a sunny Friday afternoon. But what actually went down was, to those watching, a tragedy of epic proportions: a guitarist who falls over and tries desperately to get back on his feet; a perplexed pause in which the band contemplates, for what feels an eternity, what to play next; a singer who pours more beer onto his upper body than he actually gets in his mouth. All of this culminates in a grand finale in which the guitarist falls off the stage and the singer screams into the microphone a few more times before taking a seat at the edge of the stage, at which point a person in the crowd compliments him on his "nice tits!". In the end, all that's left is the sole consolation that the band members probably won't remember they even played the set.

Translated by Meredith Balkus.

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