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Daily Horoscope: August 03, 2015

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Illustration by Nicole Ginelli

No weekend can last forever! Very early this morning, Jupiter in Leo squares Saturn in Scorpio: You'll be forced to reflect on your personal growth and the level of responsibility you're willing to take on. Decisions you make today could alter how others see you. Rushing is not advised. Fortunately, this afternoon will bring you the courage you need to tackle any issues around adulting that Jupiter and Saturn may have brought up. This evening, around 7:30 pm, the Moon enters Aries, the baby of the zodiac. After a day of thinking about heavy issues, you'll feel ready for a fresh start.



Leaving things for the last minute is one of your specialties. You're one of the few people who can bust out a masterpiece at the eleventh hour; however, do not brag about this ability today-it will not be received well.


You're under a lot of pressure today, but you'll be able to accomplish a whole lot of things, especially if you can tap one of your friends or colleagues to step up and come help you. Tonight is a Netflix night, dear Taurus, so stay in, queue up, and zone out.


You may hear some interesting messages today, especially having to do with the places you spend most of your time-whether that be your place of work, your gym, your bar, or, as is always the case with Geminis, on whomever's Facebook page you're currently lurking.


Today, you'll feel quite energized to take on any creative projects that you've been dreaming about. If something vaguely weird or off-putting has been brewing in your relationships, today is the day it could pop-and I think things will work out favorably!


Today could be a little tough. It's super important that you reflect on what privacy and space mean for you. Take serious stock of your needs and desires, then go out: The Moon is in Aries, begging you to try something new and explore.


Mixed messages are in the air, so don't commit or comment until you feel confident that you've gotten the full view. Your friends and partners could be helpful today; it's always great to know people have got your back.


Today, you may feel overwhelmed by pressure to create more security, stability, or material wealth in your life. We know it's not either/or: You can make bank and make friends at the same time. Today, though, you may need to pick just one.


Shifts in your career or reputation will take place today, as long you have been hard working. If not, you'll likely get busted, and probably in a not-so-private way. Today's Moon in Pisces has a flirtatious and creative vibe, so take advantage.


This past year or so, you've been dying for new places and experiences, but some mysterious hand has been attempting to hold you back. Today could be the day a hidden obstacle is finally revealed (and maybe even overcome!).


You may feel frustrated by other people's lack of consideration for your effort, love, time, or money today. The Moon is in gentle Pisces today, so I think you'll be able to communicate effectively and kindly-trust your intuition.


Today is tense: There's something brewing involving your close ties and partnerships and your career or reputation, and these two parts of your life may clash today. If you've been responsible, thinks could work out very well.


There are some amazing, extravagant expansions you want to manifest in your life, but you seemed to be blocked. If you've been responsible, thoughtful, and willing to talk things out, today's tense vibes could lead to some massive, long-term changes.