The Best Things About Dating a Pisces

If you can get over their flakiness, you're in for a seriously passionate romance.
February 28, 2018, 11:02pm
Illustration by Lili Emtiaz

Cuffing season is coming to an end, so you have but a few weeks to find a lover to eventually hate—if you’re into that sort of thing. Coincidentally, we’re also in the midst of Pisces season, which has us all moody thinking about former flames, future loves, and what it's actually like to date a Pisces.

To find out the details, we checked in with our astrologer Annabel Gat, who shared that romantic relationships with Pisces are pretty damn great if you can handle a little flakiness in exchange for the intense whirlwind of romance.


Everybody deserves at least one illogical, passion-ridden love affair before they die, so if you’ve yet to encounter one or are in dire need of a distraction during these trying times, we highly suggest setting your sights on a Pisces lover.

Once you find your manic pixie dream Pisces, here’s what you can expect from them.

Hanging Out

So you've swiped right on a Pisces—congrats! The first thing you need to know about your new Pisces lover is that they’re not going to be great with plans, but it’s usually worth it when you two do finally get together. “They can be very flakey, and time is not linear to them,” says Gat, “but that's sort of what makes them dreamy and magical and exciting people to be with.” Pisces people are also big night owls, so if you’re hanging out with a Pisces, don’t be surprised if you end up stumbling home at the crack of dawn, whether they end up accompanying you or not. Even if they aren’t the type to get fucked up on a Friday night, Pisces tend to stay up late into the night—which could mean partaking in some transcendental meditation together until sunrise. Pisces are also voracious media consumers, so you can expect them to be down for a cozy movie marathon or a concert date.

Intimacy and Affection

Gat says Pisces share qualities with demisexuals, or people who need to feel an emotional connection before they’re interested in pursuing anyone sexually. “If you don't talk to a Pisces about how you feel, all the kisses in the world are probably going to be a bit boring for them,” says Gat.

Pisces is a Water sign so they tend to be very in tune with their emotions. And while they are extremely romantic, they prefer to give and receive physical affection in private. “They don’t love PDA,” says Gat, “but they do like being worshipped by the person they're with.” So, don’t stick your tongue down their throat in public, but do make out with their entire body in private.


Pisces are incredibly romantic, but hold on the Hallmark cards for the Pisces in your life because they’re not big fans of cheesy displays of affection. Instead, Gat says engaging in intimate, late night conversations where they can feel comfortable delving their private dreams and desires is a solid way to swoop a Pisces off their feet.


Pisces tend to be extremely present when they’re with you and very attentive to your needs. And while they might want reciprocation, they’re not great about asking for it. “They definitely have a lot of hopes and dreams for their relationships, but one of the struggles about being a Pisces is learning to stand up for what your needs are,” says Gat.

It’s Pisces season, which means Pisces birthdays are literally every day. “They probably won't ask you for one, so I will ask on their behalf: Get a Pisces a gift!” says Gat. “The fact that you'll get it will make them feel so special.”

When Pisces break through their own emotional barriers and ask for what they’re not getting, they often build strong, long-lasting relationships. This is in part because the foundation of their relationships, whether romantic or platonic, tend to have a solid emotional connection.


As mentioned, Pisces aren’t super easy people to make plans with, so it’s best to take an easygoing, low-stakes approach to any sort of date. Meet up with them before any timely functions so you can tell them in person that they need to stop admiring their glistening highlight for the fifth time and start calling a ride. Opt for explorative nature hikes over expensive tickets to see their favorite artists, and learn to deal if they’re running 15 minutes late—that’s not going to change and you’re probably going to live.

However, if things get to the point where their flakiness is really bothering you, the best solve is to sit down with your Pisces lover to explain that you feel disrespected or taken advantage of when they bail on you. So long as they actually show up for the conversation, a Pisces will be receptive to that kind of emotionally honest talk.


In fact, when it comes to communicating feelings, Pisces are fantastic conversationalists. They’ll hear you out and offer articulate explanations of what’s going on inside their heads and especially their hearts. They’ll let you know that being together makes them forget about their worldly stressors, like the fact that their rent is due tomorrow or that their boss might hate them.

Pisces are earnest when they disclose their feelings, but when the two of you are apart, they’re certainly victims of distraction. “When they tell you that they're going to call you back they really mean it,” says Gat. “It's just that they might not call you back for another ten years.”

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Still, keep in mind that Pisces are people pleasers who live in the moment, but that also means at times they can be a bit two-faced. “They can love you and they can also love someone else,” says Gat. “If you call them out on it, whereas a Gemini might be like ‘Oh, yeah, that's true, move on,’ a Pisces might be like ‘No, that's not true, I only have love for you’ because that's what they're focused on in the moment.”

This doesn’t necessarily mean that all Pisces prefer open relationships or are bad at monogamy, but it might take some work to get them to be be honest about their feelings and not just tell you what you want to hear.

At the end of the day, the rewards of dating a Pisces should far outweigh any stressors within the relationship. According to Gat, the best part of being with a Pisces is their sense of humor and overwhelming kindness. “They have kind of this absurd humor that you can't really find in anyone else so expect to laugh at them a lot,” she says, “and they're very generous; they'll bend over backwards for all the people that they care about.”