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It Looks Like McDonald's Is Bringing Back 'Rick & Morty' Szechuan Sauce

The fast-food chain seems to be taking the joke very seriously.
Screenshot via YouTube

Eight months ago, McDonald's tried to appease hundreds of Rick and Morty fans by bringing back its Szechuan Sauce, a limited edition dip created in 1998 to help promote Disney's Mulan. The tangy chicken nugget–dipping goo shot up in demand after fans watched Rick salivate over the stuff in an episode of the Adult Swim show, but McDonald's failed to deliver and stocked too few packets, resulting in pandemonium.


For those of us who didn't brave the lines hungry fans or spent a fortune online to get our hands on the sauce, it looks like McDonald's is going to give the whole thing another try. Recently the fast-food giant created a website and a podcast for the sauce, and on Tuesday McDonald's doubled down on its promise.

"It's true," the company wrote on the promotional site. "Szechuan Sauce is coming back, and in a big way."

Although we'll have to wait until Thursday to find out more, the burger chain appears to be taking demand more seriously on round two. Photos have already been posted to Reddit, apparently by McDonald's employees, showing crate after crate of the stuff.

Photo via redditor Mizzhapp

Photo via redditer Brokeassgamer

It's not clear yet where fans can get the sauce, or if its taste will stay true to the 1998 condiment Rick called his "one-armed man." When Rick and Morty co-creator Dan Harmon tasted the stuff last year, he told Entertainment Weekly, "I personally thought it was a sauce that was trying too hard… It was sauce that was trying to prove it was different, and in doing so it worked harder than a sauce should; it was working too hard to be a sauce."

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