Environmental Extremes

Editor's Note: Why it's Crucial to Look at Environmental Extremes

VICE is one of hundreds of newsrooms around the world joining the Covering Climate Now initiative.
September 16, 2019, 8:55am

Covering Climate Now is a global journalism initiative committed to bringing more and better coverage to the global climate crisis. VICE is one of over 250 newsrooms around the world that has committed to strengthening coverage of this defining issue of our time.

From September 16 to 20, ahead of the UN Climate Action Summit on September 23 and the global climate strikes later this week, our offices across Asia-Pacific are honing in on environmental extremes. From Australia to India, we examine some of the most intense concerns and issues from each territory, in an effort to gauge the health of the planet as a whole and to highlight the widespread need for change.


Some of the stories you can expect this week include stories of how farmers are dealing with extreme drought in parts of Australia; a town half-submerged in water in the Philippines; a photographer's experience of covering the world's dirtiest river in Indonesia; and what it's like to clean up trash and recover dead bodies from the Himalayas.

We believe that it's important to show the situation for what it really is, and the solutions needed to recover: they are nothing short of extreme.

Towards the end of the week, our reporters in the region – in Australia, India, Indonesia, Singapore and the Philippines – will also be on the ground in their respective cities, covering the climate strikes on our Instagram channels. This, along with our VICE colleagues around the world.

And while this coverage is timed alongside intensified reportage this week, we will continue telling stories on the climate crisis and the environment, as we always have.

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This article originally appeared on VICE ASIA.