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Corner Boys Tap Into The Sounds of 70s West Coast Canadian Punk

Listen to the Vancouver band's debut record of gritty power pop.
Image: Katie Goett

Mention late 70s punk rock and New York City, Detroit and London are the first places that spring to mind. But Vancouver had it's own tight little scene going on when bands like Pointed Sticks, D.O.A., Zellots and the Dishrags were belting angry and loud music in a city known more for chilled and relaxed vibes.

It's hometown bands like these that Corner Boys tap into on their 7'', the second Canadian release after the Booji Boys, from UK label Drunken Sailor.

The band's Patrick Bertrand, who is also part of the excellent Hosehead label, explains that the three-piece are big fans of late 70s punk and power pop records. "When we started we set out to make a 45 that would be somewhat believable to have been released in 1979 by a band in Vancouver, BC. Vancouver had a lot of excellent bands at that time, and our record collections are pretty well steeped in it, so I hope that shows."

It does indeed. Songs such as "Be Seeing You" and "Just Don't Care" pops like something from the early Posh Boy catalgoue and since their first show eight months ago the band have become serious power pop players in Van.

'Just Don't Care' is available Oct 20 on Drunken Sailor.