Howie Lee Gets Beat Up and Climbs a Mountain in His Genre-Hopping New Video

The Chinese producer plays himself in a parallel world in the visual for "Muztagata."
September 22, 2017, 8:50pm

This article originally appeared on Noisey China.

Fifteen years ago, when Howie Lee was still in junior high, in a video store at a shopping mall, he randomly bought a CD entitled My Rawap by Dawuti Awuti. Last year, when he was cleaning out his old computer, he stumbled upon the CD's audio file. He immediately took the classic song "Tashiwayi" and re-sampled it on a club track track with strong stylistic influences from Xinjiang.

The new track, called "Muztagata," after the famous mountain, makes old new again, transforming traditional rawap sounds into modern electronic music. The video—directed by Vice China's Billy Starman—stars Lee as a man who gets in a fight and climbs the titular mountain, so you'll definitely want to watch that below.

Translated by Summer Long.