Behold, the Moment Harrison Ford Decked Ryan Gosling in the Face

"That's the face of, 'Oh shit, I'm in deep doodoo,'" Ford said.
Screencap via YouTube / The Graham Norton Show

It seems like for as long as fans have been waiting to see Denis Villeneuve's Blade Runner sequel, some of its stars have been talking about an infamous knuckle sandwich that went down on set—a fake punch Harrison Ford threw at co-star Ryan Gosling that accidentally made contact.

"We were just doing a fight scene and, you know, it just happened. What was funny was, when it was over, they brought ice for my face, and Harrison pushed me out of the way and stuck his fist in the ice," Gosling told GQ in December. "As soon as it happened, the director came up to me and said, 'Look at it this way—you just got hit by Indiana Jones.'"


Ford later retold the story this week on the Tonight Show, telling Jimmy Fallon, "I threw 80 punches. Seventy-nine of them missed him, which is the way you're supposed to do it in a movie."

As Ford says, the cameras were rolling when he clocked Gosling, so presumably a full video of the sucker-punch exists somewhere on the Warner Bros. servers. While that video may never come to light, Gosling and Ford revealed a still of the moment on the Graham Norton Show, to screams of delight from the audience. Here it is, in all its glory:

"That's the face of, 'Oh shit, I'm in deep doodoo,'" Ford told Norton.

It's hard to tell which guy is more shocked by the clobbering, served up in what appears to be a dope nightclub worthy of futuristic Los Angeles. Apparently, Ford apologized by bringing a bottle of expensive whiskey to Gosling's trailer, pouring him a single glass, and then walking away, bottle in tow.

Despite the punch, and the fact that Ford seems to have a hard time remembering his co-star's name, Gosling told GQ he doesn't have any hard feelings.

"They say don't meet your heroes, but I would say the addendum to that is '…unless they're Harrison Ford.' Cause he's a cool motherfucker."

Blade Runner 2049 hits theaters on October 6.

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