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All Hail the Return of Cassie, on "Love a Loser"

The G-Eazy-featuring track is her first single in four years.
Lauren O'Neill
London, GB

There's another timeline where Cassie is one of the most famous pop stars in the world, and has been for the past ten or so years. Due to label issues and a whole bunch of red tape in this timeline however, the one where Cassie has the entire world under the spell of her silky bedroom R&B couldn't feel like more of a distant dream. All this despite a strong mixtape called RockaByeBaby back in 2013, and the enormous promise she's shown since she emerged in the 2000s.


But, as teased via social media over the last couple of weeks, she's been working on new music (seemingly with artists like Khalid and Kaytranada, no less) and is now back with a single, in the form of the G-Eazy-featuring "Love a Loser", which actually premiered as part of Diddy's takeover on Beats 1's OVO Sound radio show on 22 July, but is now available to stream.

As Cassie is the woman behind some of R&B's most beloved understated jams ("Me & U", anyone? Her feature on Nicki Minaj's 2012 single "The Boys," anyone?), it makes sense that the new track would follow in her typical, laid-back style. But considering the heights she's scaled previously, it does kinda leave you wanting more. Hopefully we'll hear more from her work with Khalid and Kay soon, and if so, it could well be that 2017 is the year that Cassie is restored to the glory she deserves.

Listen to "Love a Loser" below:

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