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Liam Gallagher is The Voice of The People Once Again

In his words: "James Corden is a knobhead."
Lauren O'Neill
London, GB

James Corden's career has risen mightily since he was a semi-familiar, bit-part face on UK TV sitcoms; even since he co-created and starred in the genuinely and objectively actually good Gavin and Stacey. Because James Corden, somehow, has 'cracked America.' He has done what even Robbie Williams could not, and now he has a nightly television show where his face, wide and grinning, is broadcast into countless homes.


It is The Late Late Show with James Corden that we have to thank for spawning Carpool Karaoke, which began as a segment buthas now become a cultural phenomenon all of its own, with an actual series now being produced by Apple. If you've managed to avoid it, the conceit is that Corden drives around, collects various musicians in the car, and they sing together. Sometimes it's made bearable by the person being featured (thank God for Madonna putting her leg through a sunroof, to be honest), but largely it's just an opportunity for Corden, who clearly wants to be a popstar unbelievably badly, to show off his average singing ability.

Famous people, for some reason, love Carpool Karaoke – everyone from Lady Gaga to Bruno Mars to Harry Styles has appeared on the segment. One man, however, who will not be taken in is voice of the people Liam Gallagher. Rising above it all, saying what everyone's thinking, when asked by GQ for their new issue if he'd consider featuring in the segment or the new show alongside Corden, he said: ""No, thank you very much […] No fucking chance mate […] James Corden is a knobhead."

"James Corden is a knobhead."

Isn't there a beauty in the simplicity, and the plainness. In fact, when the earth is a dried up husk, about to be swallowed by the sun, and we are all but ash, these will be the words on the wind; the final universal truth ringing out before our rock is engulfed forever will just be Liam Gallagher, going "James Corden is a knobhead." Trust me.

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