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Even Biker Gangs Use Starbucks For Work

One of the gang's affiliates in Vancouver has reportedly set up shop in one of the coffee chain’s locations.
Justin Tang/Canadian Press.

It seems even biker gangs are no longer immune to this shitty gig economy.

The Los Diablos, an outlaw biker crew in British Columbia, have been using a Starbucks as their local clubhouse, according to crime reporter Kim Bolan of the Vancouver Sun.

The Los Diablos are a puppet club for the Hells Angels, reports Bolan. The gang attended a Hells Angels invitational party in Nanaimo this weekend.

Traditionally, biker gangs have owned their clubhouses in crappy areas of town in order to keep away prying eyes, cops, and to improve their security with such things as video cameras, motion sensors, and all-metal doors.

But in this economy, especially with Vancouver’s insane real estate market, who can afford a nice little bunker to share with the boys as you down a couple cold brewskies while planning how to corner the local cocaine market?

Enter Starbucks, with its free wi-fi to send encrypted messages about shipping dates, spacious washrooms to enjoy a tryst with your old lady, and hot coffee in case you need to scald the face of a customer who looks at you funny.

That said, it seems a bit weird for no one at Starbucks to call the cops on actual criminals, no? If you are the Starbucks manager of the Los Diablos clubhouse, please send us an email, we’’d love to hear your side of the story.

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