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Watch Arctic Monkeys' New Video for "Four Out Of Five"

It’s a surreal, lush visual for the similarly surreal, lush ‘Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino’ track.

Arctic Monkeys have released a music video of “Four Out Of Five,” from new album Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino. “Four Out Of Five” is the first single from Tranquility Base, as no music was released ahead of the album’s release last Friday. The video, set in an old mansion, features the band playing around with a bunch of audio/visual equipment while wandering around the mansion, which is playing host to a variety of surreal and creepy parties. Alex Turner’s handmade Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino model (which also adorns the cover of the record) is seen in the video, too. Watch below:

The video also features the same keychains and jumpsuits that were seen at the band’s pop-up stores in Sheffield, Tokyo, Sydney, Berlin, Paris and New York over the weekend. Also playing a big role in the video is Alex Turner’s “communist history teacher” beard, which, y’know. He’s really keeping it, hey? He's found a look that he likes and he's sticking with it, I guess.

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