Björk's First TV Performance in 8 Years is Breathtaking

The Icelandic icon turned Jools Holland's stage into Paradise with flautist-assisted versions of "Courtship" and "The Anchor Song".

Earlier tonight, Björk gave her first television performance in eight years. A musical guest on Later with Jools Holland, the Icelandic legend performed "Courtship" from last year's Utopia and "The Anchor Song", taken from her 1993 record Debut. Joined by an ensemble of flautists, Björk turned the Jools Holland stage into a gorgeous oasis; surrounded by vegetation, the usually bare space looked like paradise. (I was big into Tumblr as a teen, so naturally this aesthetic is like catnip to me.)

Björk wore one of her trademark masks for both performances, and played flute during "Courtship". Pieces of the set also looked like they were pulled straight from Utopia. Björk is about to release her Arisen My Senses EP, which includes excellent remixes from Jlin and Kelly Lee Owens. It is going to be released on "slug genitalia covered vinyl", because what else would you expect? Watch "Courtship" above and "The Anchor Song" below.

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