Virgo, July 2017


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Virgo, July 2017

Virgos typically don't do drama; however, you'll have to face some this month.

Welcome to Cancer season, Virgo! This is your time to connect with friends, meet new people, and, emotionally, connect with your hopes and dreams. You're practical as hell, Virgo—you're not a wisher or a dreamer. You're a logical Earth sign, a thinker, a doer. But the Sun is in psychic, sensitive, creative Cancer, so dare to indulge in fantasies that may never come true—because the only shot they have at becoming reality is if you allow yourself to experiment.


Virgos don't do drama. Your symbol in the tarot is the hermit, so you are quite happy doing your own thing, hanging out with your pets, cooking delicious food, and reading a fantastic book. But even you, dear virgin, can't hide from the Mars opposition to Pluto, on July 2, which will bring drama, confrontations, and realizations in your love and social life.

Powerful endings will take place. People will be in aggressive, controlling moods, so choose your battles wisely. The Sun will oppose Pluto on July 10, so watch for giant egos, manipulators, and shady individuals.

July isn't all terrible, though, so don't worry. On July 4, sweet and lovely Venus enters Gemini, bringing blessings to your reputation and your career. Between the Sun in Cancer putting you in a social mood, and Venus in Gemini, this will be a fantastic period for you to network; position yourself to be in the public eye.

Your planetary ruler, Mercury, in Cancer, squares (a tense yet productive astrological aspect) Uranus, in Aries, on July 4, which will reveal surprising information. There will be a nervous energy, but brilliant breakthroughs are likely.

Superficial relationships may take a shocking turn and reveal deeper or profound truths that you didn't expect. People, to whom you thought you were close, could turn out to lack the depth you assumed they had. You never know how things will turn out when Uranus, the planet of surprise, is around.


Mercury enters Leo July 5, putting you in a quieter, introspective mood. Your psychic abilities are boosted, and you're feeling drawn to anything secret, hidden, or behind the scenes. Keep a dream journal or read up on psychic protection.

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It's time to leave that relationship that isn't working—or give yourself a gift. Maybe it's one you know you can afford, but you've been refusing it for yourself, because you're worried you're being irresponsible. Full moons are emotional and exhausting, and this one will likely stir up drama in your social life and your creative endeavors.

Your planetary ruler, Mercury, trines (an easy astrological aspect) Saturn, in Sagittarius, on July 19, and Uranus, in Aries, on July 24. This is a powerful time for working out emotional issues, Virgo! Saturn's energy is all about boundaries—are you clear on yours? This is a productive time to work out issues of security and privacy.

Uranus's energy craves freedom and spontaneity, so while Saturn is helping you strengthen your emotional foundation, Uranus will bring the spark back to your intimate relationships. Expect breakthroughs on emotional issues you've been working on. Emotionally, this is a time to rebuild.

Mars enters Leo on July 20, soon followed by the Sun on July 22, officially kicking off Leo season! Lions love to laze in the sun, soaking up the rays in blissful meditation—that's exactly what your job is while the Sun is in Leo. Catch up on rest and downtime.

Practice meditation; get in touch with your inner voice. Your psychic abilities will heighten. Most spiritual practices have some type of meditation or devotion involving the sun. Find one that speaks to you; try it. Challenge yourself to do it every day, and see the effect it has on you.

You're going to be in a private mood—looking inward, not outward. Again, secrets and hidden places may be explored. The new moon in Leo arrives July 23, which will be a powerful time to let go of the past. New moons are all about fresh starts. You'll feel especially sensitive to other people's energy, so surround yourself with people who don't annoy the shit out of you.

Mercury enters your sign, Virgo, on July 25, snapping you out of the daydreamy mood you have (uncharacteristically!) been in. Your mind will be sharp, and expressing your thoughts will come easily. A feeling, or problem, you've have a hard time understanding will begin to make sense.

Love-and-money planet Venus enters Cancer on July 31, bringing blessings to your social life. Connect with friends, or join a group you've been interested in. Have fun, Virgo! See you in August.