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Deadbeat Beat’s New Video Features a Squad of 22 Baby Spices

Emma Bunton, many, many, many Emma Buntons.

Ever had one of those days where everywhere you turn, from the gas station pump to the local bar, Emma Bunton is standing there playing with her hair? Detroit three-piece Deadbeat Beat feel your pain/confusion with the video for their track "See You All the Time".

Directed by Noah Elliott Morrison, the video follows the band's Alex Glendening, as he goes about a regular day only to be followed by 22 Baby Spices.


Taken from their 2011 cassette When I Talk to You, that is now being reissued on vinyl on Glad Fact, "See You All The Time" was written during a time when Glendening was totally immersed in The Byrds' Younger Than Yesterday, and a desire to write a complete pop song in under three-minutes. He's done well, with the song's gentle pop bringing to mind a breezy stroll on a summer day accompanied by a Baby Spice or three.

'When I Talk to You' Is available July 28 on Glad Fact Records.

Catch Deadbeat Beat at these shows:
July 28 - Detroit at UFO Factory
Aug 4 - Chicago at Cole's
Aug 5 - Indianapolis at State Street Pub
Aug 6 - Cincinnati at Wood Dungeon
Aug 7 - Augusta at Soul Bar
Aug 9 - New Orleans at Poor Boys
Aug 10 - Austin at Beerland
Aug 11 - Hot Springs at Maxine's
Aug 12 - Nashville at DRKMTTR
Aug 18 - Columbus at Rumba Cafe
Aug 19 - Cleveland at Maple Lanes (Maple Fest)

Image: Noah Elliott Morrison