Divide and Dissolve’s Message is One of Indigenous Sovereignty and Hope

Watch a video lifted from the Melbourne duo's debut album "Basic".
August 21, 2017, 2:55am

The video for Divide and Dissolve's new track "Black Supremacy" may have been shot in a murky Florida swamp but the Melbourne doom duo's message is crystal clear.

"Black supremacy is a critical response to white supremacy which manifests genocide, colonialism, and hatred. However black supremacy is a manifestation of indigenous sovereignty, decolonization, hope, and freedom," explains Takiaya Reed and Sylvie Nehill in a joint message.


Taken from their debut LP Basic, the instrumental track is a slow brooding assault on complacency and colonialism. The video, shot by Shoog McDaniel in Gainesville, Florida, and edited by Claudia Gaudino, features Takiaya and Sylvie wading and swimming through cool and relaxing waters that contrasts with the menacing doom.

The two have recently returned from a world tour and are now readying for some local shows including an appearance at Sydney's Soft Centre festival where they will perform a collaborative set with techno duo Phile.

'Basic' is now available from Dero Arcade, Spotify and iTunes.

Catch Divide and Dissolve at these shows:
Sep 2 - Melbourne at The Gasometer
Sep 23 - Sydney at Soft Centre Festival