Pinnacle of Sportsmanship Tom Brady Trolls Steelers Fans After Victory By Technicality

The Patriots QB screamed "how bout that?!" at Steelers fans while walking off the field after Sunday's unlikely win.
Screen capture via Twitter/@BenVolin

Ah yes, Tom Brady. He of magical jammies fame. He of respectful disagreement with coaches fame (repeatedly). He of gracious in victory fame. Patriots fans like to talk about how other team's victories, in Super Bowls or otherwise, usually come down to some form of chance or luck. An argument that conveniently elides things such as the Tuck Rule Game, winning like 8 million Super Bowls because you somehow have a robot named Adam Vinatieri, the Pete Carroll/Malcolm Butler vortex, and, you know, walking ass backwards into the best quarterback in the history of football with a sixth-round, compensatory pick.


These types of things always happen in sports, it is one of the main reasons people love sports—they are in many ways unpredictable; "that's why they play the games," etc. Point is, everyone benefits from them, and last Sunday, as you no doubt know by now, the Patriots again were the beneficiaries of another timely gift. After allowing JuJu Smith-Schuster to scamper 69 extremely nice yards in the final minute of regulation, the Patriots were looking at a choke job of epic proportions. On first-and-goal from the New England 10 with 33 seconds left, Ben Roethlisberger's pass to tight end Jesse James was initially ruled a touchdown, but was later overturned on review because the NFL has parsed out the rules of what is and is not a catch to such an extent that that section of the rulebook looks like shredded hash browns.

The Steelers completely botched the resulting goal-line possession and the Pats were able to hang on for the win. In narrowly snatching victory from the jaws of defeat, do you think the greatest quarterback of a generation was happy to celebrate with his teammates and reflect on just how charmed this win was? Nah. He rubbed salt into Pittsburgh's wounds by going after Steelers fans.

Yes, Mr. Boston scribe, you certainly do "gotta love" Brady being the sorest of winners.

But, at the very least, Brady is consistent. He is also a sore loser. After the game, Ben Roethlisberger sucked it up and shook hands with Brady. You can see a picture here. You will find no similar photo of Jay Cutler and Brady exchanging pleasantries after Miami's victory just one week prior, however. That's because the New England quarterback hightailed it for the locker room immediately after the final seconds ticked off.