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Jon Hopkins' "Everything Connected" Is a 10-Minute Pulsing Reflection

It's from the producer's upcoming album 'Singularity,' due next Friday May 4.
Lauren O'Neill
London, GB

DJ and producer Jon Hopkins is making moves. He's gearing up for the release of Singularity, his fifth studio album, next Friday 4 May. But first, he's released another new track from the record, "Everything Connected." To me it feels like a ten-minute exploration of the way that music reflects how our moods can segue seamlessly into each other. It swells to a euphoric crescendo, but there's a subtlety to the song – perhaps an overarching airiness, which imbues it with a great deal of space – that leaves room for reflection amid the rush.


"'Everything Connected' is the energetic peak of the new record," Hopkins tweeted last on Wednesday night, describing both the song and the process behind it. "As with many of my tracks, it has existed in various forms for a while, and been allowed to evolve for as long as it needed." Well, there we have it. You can here a shortened version above, or the full edit below:

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