Capricorn, May 2018


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Capricorn, May 2018

Big changes are coming this month, Capricorn!
illustrated by Nicole Ginelli

Welcome to Taurus season! You’re famous for your work ethic, Capricorn, but you also have an inner aesthete, sensualist, lusty goat side. This is the side that can’t help but make an appearance while the Sun is shining in luxurious Taurus!

The first part of May will be fertile with opportunity, creativity, and romance. Chatty Mercury will enter Taurus on May 13, finding you feeling especially flirtatious and eager to celebrate. May 15 is another day to circle on your calendar: Not only is there a new moon in Taurus on this day, but Uranus — the planet of freedom and innovation — will enter Taurus, too!


New moons are powerful times of manifestation, so break out your spell kit. It’s time to carve a pink candle for romance, or perhaps create a vision board for an event you’re eager to host. During new moons, the energy is very malleable. Your psychic abilities are also particularly sharp. Make time for meditation because your inner voice will be speaking loud and clear. A fresh start in your love life is on the way, and if you’ve been struggling with creative blocks, your imagination will finally start flowing again under the darkness of the new moon.

Taurus isn’t a sign we think of as being flexible or agile; however, it is a sign that keeps its promises. During this new moon, make some promises to yourself around happiness, love, and creative self-expression. Situations that were once very rigid in your life will be in for a shock — not because of the new moon, but because of Uranus’ entrance into Taurus. Uranus will remain in this sign until 2026, electrifying the romance and creativity sector of your chart. Brilliant ideas will come your way, as Uranus’s genius energy will keep your mind inspired.

You will be eager to try new things in your love life, too — perhaps a new relationship format, like polyamory — or you might find yourself in the mood to explore kinkier waters. Uranus is the planet of surprise, and while I know you love being able to plan for things, Uranus just doesn’t give you that luxury. Stay on your toes: Uranus is sure to deliver all sorts of unexpected excitement your way.


You will be eager to try new things in your love life once Uranus enters Taurus — perhaps a new relationship format, like polyamory — or you might find yourself in the mood to explore kinkier waters.

Mars enters Aquarius on May 16 and squares off with Uranus shortly afterwards, so the surprises will come quickly! Watch out for unexpected arguments on this day, as warrior planet Mars is known to pick fights. In general, Mars in Aquarius will energize you around financial issues, making this a great time to confront your boss about a raise, or assert your worth in another arena of your life.

Mars will go retrograde next month — on June 26, to be exact — so pay close attention to what happens now around cash, as well as to your emotions around security. These themes will come back up again with this summer’s retrograde. You’re usually smart about budgeting — not just your money, but your time and energy, too. Take unexpected costs into account during this time, Capricorn.

Communication planet Mercury makes a harmonious connection with your planetary ruler Saturn on May 18, creating a productive energy around planning, organizing paperwork, and making commitments. Lovely Venus enters your opposite sign, Cancer, on May 19, bringing blessings to the relationship sector of your chart. Between this and aggressive Mars moving out of your sign on the 16th, relating with people will start to feel way smoother!


Gemini season official begins on May 20, finding the Sun illuminating the sector of your chart that rules your day job, your daily routines, and your habits. Gemini vibes will find you tempted to multitask, but instead, use the energy to be more discerning about the responsibilities you take on day-to-day. And try to kick a bad habit!

Jupiter connects with Neptune on May 25, which will be an especially creative day, Capricorn! This will be a marvelous and imaginative time, fantastic for socializing and connecting with inspiring and creative people. Just try not to get too drunk, because the hangover will be absolutely brutal: Venus will oppose your planetary ruler Saturn on May 26, resulting in a stern and restrictive vibe. Expect up-and-down energy — whimsy, then cold hard reality — at the end of this week in May.

A full moon in Sagittarius arrives on May 29. Full moons are exhausting and emotional, and this one will likely find you curled up in bed, hiding from the world. Let yourself cry, Capricorn. You have a lot of old, repressed emotions to work through, and this full moon wants you to become aware of all the lies you’ve been telling yourself, as well as of the hidden truths you haven’t been able — or haven’t wanted — to face. We’ve all met a Sagittarius, and know they don’t have the easiest time keeping secrets… neither does a full moon in Sag! Expect lots of information to come pouring out. Communication planet Mercury enters Gemini on May 29 as well, encouraging your to find a better balance between your work load and time off, and helping you better organize your schedule.

Good luck, Capricorn, and see you in June!