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Donald Trump got upstaged by a teenage dabber

The dab is not dead, folks, the dab is not dead.

President-elect Donald Trump kicked off his triumphant “Thank You” tour on Thursday night with a speech in Cincinnati, but Trump wasn’t the real star of the night. No, he had the spotlight improbably stolen away from him by a puckish young man in a backwards hat and basketball jersey. Along with his sporty attire and devil-may-care attitude, the camera-loving youth had a razor-sharp signature move to boot.


Ladies and gentleman, I give you… The Dabber:

Looking like a cross between Sherman from “American Pie” and Jimmy from “The Wonder Years” and sporting a throwback 1992 Dream Team #7 Larry Bird jersey, the rapscallion clearly saw Trump’s appearance as a chance to ham even harder than the president-elect.

And if you ask this objective reporter, The Dabber wins. Flawless victory.

So in the spirit of the Thank You tour, we say thank you, Teenage Dream Team Dabber. We may never know your name, but you are the future of America. Also, congratulations– because you’re now a member of one of the most elite and exclusive clubs in the universe: