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Hear Kevin Devine Cover Elliott Smith’s “King’s Crossing”

From the forthcoming Fadeaway Records comp.

After a 10+ year hiatus, Fadeaway Records would like you to know that they are back. And judging by the lineup they’ve got for their upcoming compilation, they would really like you to know. The triple LP is a show of force, with 35 rare and unreleased old and new material from tons of bands. Just check out that tracklist below.

We had the chance to premiere a song, so obviously, we chose Kevin Devine’s cover of the most depressing song ever written, Elliott Smith’s “King’s Crossing,” a song about addiction and suicide that is only made more depressing by the fact that it was released after Smith killed himself. Anyway, happy Monday!


Pre-order the records here. They come on super sweet 140-gram vinyl in a variety of colors. The profits also go to cancer research charities.

Side A

Motion City Soundtrack - “Left and Leaving” (the Weakerthans)
Kevin Devine - "King’s Crossing" (Elliott Smith)
Andy Hull - "Back of Your Old Church”
Gobotron - "Walk Like a Dog"
Jaymay - "You Are The Only One I Love" (piano demo)
Alaska - "Teacher in the Sun”

Side B

Brian Bonz & The Dot Hongs - "Super Connected" (Broken Social Scene)
The Narrative - "Hallelujah"
Twin Forks - "Good Things" (Rival Schools)
Matt Pryor - “Girl Why’d You Run Away” (Reggie and the Full Effect)
Walter Schreifels - "The Storm" (Judge)
Far - “Nestle” (acoustic)

Side C

James Dean Wells - “Love in The Time of Cholera”
Judy Chong - “Putting the Dog to Sleep” (The Antlers)
Hot Rod Circuit - “Betty Ford” (2003 unreleased acoustic demo)
Ian Love - “Into My Arms” (Nick Cave)
Reggie and the Full Effect - “Oh Fudge”

Side D

Frank Iero - “2.5mg Just Aint Enough For Me”
Nightmare of You - “I’m So Fucking Mad”
Saves The Day - “Web in Front” (Archers of Loaf)
Anthony Raneri - “I’ll Follow You Into The Dark” (Death Cab for Cutie)
Vinnie Caruana - “Question” (Old 97’s)
Ours - “Kill The Band”

Side E

Pablo - “Wall Street”
The Honorary Title - “Everything I Once Had”
Kevin Devine - “Good Man” (Brand New)
Ian Love - “Sky to Fall”
The New Amsterdams - “The Death of Us”
Straylight Run (Ft Jeff Derosa) - “Dignity & Money”
Ben Lee - “Get Gotten”

Side F

Brand New - “Moshi Moshi”
The Gay Blades - “N.H.D.N”
Nightmare of You - “Up the Junction” (Squeeze)
Head Automatica - “Jackie Wilson Said” (Van Morrison)
Fred Mascherino - “Lullaby” (Breaking Pangaea)
Inside - “Stumbled on a Penny”
Walter Schreifels - “Fazer” (Quicksand)