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Is WSTRN's "In2" The Underground Smash Hit of The Year?

We're premiering the debut video here.
October 13, 2015, 12:00pm

WSTRN's debut single "In2" has been sprinkled with magic dust. You know that song you've been peeping on Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter for the last month or so? The one that's creeped on to both the Radio 1Xtra A-list and your local pirate radio's rotation? That's WSTRN's "In2". So huge is their debut track, in fact, that earlier this month the label had to rip down 43 combined unofficial YouTube and Soundcloud links before finally putting the banger/slammer/ultra-uber-smash-hit on the internet.


Now, after like 134,000 Shazams or something stupid, "In2" has been given an official video which we're premiering right here. Below, we chatted with the West London based collective about how they landed on such a hit.

Noisey: What does WSTRN mean? Did you watch a lot of Westerns growing up or something?
WSTRN can mean anything you want it to mean. As long as it's positive vibrations. For us it represents a united community finally having a turn (TRN) at pioneering this forever expanding culture.

Sounds legit. How did you guys get together in the first place?
We've all known each other for years simply from growing up in West London together. Haile and Akelle are actually cousins but it's not being blood related that makes you 'family' in our opinion as Louis Rei is very much part of this family.

Did you always know that "In2" was going to be The Hit?
I don't think an artist can ever be a 100% sure but we definitely knew we loved it.

What are you lot "In2”?
We're in2 anything that is feel good! We're coming from a place where we believe positivity and that 'feel good' quality is lacking so we love nothing more than to have FUN!

Okay. Scrunch or fold?
Them SAS questions thereeee!

Pre-order "In2" on iTunes here.