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Turns Out Rashida Jones Invited Robin Thicke to Junior Prom then Changed Her Mind

In turn, scolding him for future crimes like a one-woman Minority Report.
July 27, 2015, 4:23pm

Like most humans, we're really into Rashida Jones. We loved her in The Social Network, and Parks and Rec, and when she told some dummy at the SAG awards that she was not "tanned" but "ethnic," and we're really into her documentary about porn Hot Girls Wanted (which you can watch her talk about here). But now it turns out she's done something that tops all of that.

Speaking on Ezra Koenig's Beats 1 show, Rashida revealed that back in the 80s she asked Robin Thicke to junior prom, then later revoked the invitation - scolding him for future crimes like a one-woman Minority Report.

Apparently they met when they were both tweens at an ABC party when both Rashida's mum and Robin's dad were cast members on shows. They exchanged numbers (landlines obviously) and talked a lot on the phone. Rashida asked Robin to prom, but then had to recind the invitation because it had already been arranged that she'd go with family friend and R&B star of the day, Al B. Sure. In the end, Al B. couldn't make it so Rashida ended up alone, working the door.

Maybe if Robin hadn't suffered that early heartbreak, he would have ended up a polite well-rounded man who respects women and fidelity. Seems unlikely though.

Listen to the full clip here. Her bit is about 11 minutes in, but you can't fast-forward because that kind of technology just isn't available yet.