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Lil Silk Raps About Being a Rapper in the "Rapper" Video

He's a rapper!
February 26, 2014, 6:50pm

Well how damn meta is this—meet Lil Silk, he's a rapper from Chicago but raised in Atlanta. Did I mention he's a rapper? Well for those unfamiliar with his rapping here he is rapping in his video for a song called "Rapper."

Okay, all jokes aside, whatever is going on in young Atlanta right now is pretty incredible from Young Thug to now, Lil Silk. The hyper rapper is full of absurd rhymes and a hypnotizing cadence that will not leave your head for days, we promise. Plus, the giggles in between verses are almost better than the Beyoncé chuckle on "Drunk In Love." Almost.

Anyway, get familiar with Lil Silk who just dropped his Son of a Hustler tape a few days ago, which you can download and stream here. Watch the video for "Rapper" above in which Lil Silk kicks it alongside two ladies with matching Playboy tattoos.