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Finally, Video Footage of Jaden Smith Meeting Young Thug

This will be the video that will inspire the mind that will change the world.
October 1, 2015, 7:21pm

Photo via Instagram

Young Thug recently came to New York to perform a show with Noisey, and according to the behind the scenes footage he posted, the Atlanta rapper didn't seem to have much down-time. He started off by shooting with Vogue and a bunch of models on a hover board, gliding around with ease and literally doing circles around the models.

Then as Young Thug prepares for the big show, he decides to have some fun during soundcheck.


Finally, while waiting in his trailer before it's time to take the stage, Jaden Smith comes to visit Young Thug to pay honor.

Jaden humbly asks that Thugger come out of the trailer to meet his friends, and since saying "no" to Jaden Smith will cast a permanent dark stain on your aura, Young Thug complies.

There haven't been many moments in recent memory that could possibly inspire the younger generations to do something great, but Jaden Smith meeting Young Thug may be the one that will spark the mind that will change the world. Philosophers and savants in their own mediums, these two will likely be in the conversation for decades to come. And when that time finally arrives, you'll be able to look back on this video, and claim some sort of ownership over the fact that you saw it happen first.

Slava Pastuk is the Editor of Noisey Canada. Follow him on Twitter.