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Marvel at the Future of Dance with This Segway Cover of Justin Bieber's "What Do You Mean"

There is a dance revolution coming. Will you be ready?
October 2, 2015, 5:01pm

Sure, you love Justin Bieber’s hit song “What Do You Mean.” But have you ever wanted to see the song as performed by five young men who dress like Justin Bieber in a studio doing synchronized dance routines on those hands-free segway things? That was rhetorical because you’ve never wanted to see anything more in your whole stupid bipedal life!

Well good news. Here it is—the future of dance: five guys on those hands-free segway things that are definitely not hoverboards and please stop calling them that! Marvel at their unbridled wheeling sexual energy:

Feel the glowing, primal power of their boards:

Hands up, baby! That's a trick, not everyone can do that:

Wow one side!:

Off their boards whaaaaaaaat?:

Watch the whole thing for yourself and feel the dance revolution:

h/t to former Noisey star Lauren Nostro for posting this on Twitter and thus igniting the revolution