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Sheer Mag "Fan the Flames" for Their Second EP with a New Video

More fire. Check out the new video from Philly's Sheer Mag from their second EP.

The only American rock band that really matters, Sheer Mag, have a new Nancy Shirley-created video for their killer new track, “Fan The Flames,” off of their second self-titled EP (which also featured the endlessly repeatable "Button Up"). The song (and the record as a whole) find South Philadelphia power pop heroes full of swagger and confidence, and is a very cool follow-up to their widely-hailed debut release. The jams got slower. It’s a good thing.

Watch this. Right now. After that, order the EP on Bandcamp or get the physical copy via Katorga Works.

If you missed it, make sure to catch our interview with the band, their first ever. They ripped at SXSW.