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Get Muzzled With Meercaz & The Visions

At times their new album 'Get Muzzled' sounds like Slade or Nazz fronted by a punk who grew up on 90s garage.

Muslim ‘Muzz’ Delgado is Meercaz. The musician who now calls Oakland home has spent recent years producing a buzzy take on psych space rock that includes elements of glam, Aussie rock, bubble gum pop and proto punk. At times it’s like if Slade or Nazz were fronted by a punk who grew up on 90s garage.

After releasing records on labels like Gulcher, Night People, and Tic Tac Totally, Muzz has hooked up with the Visions to record and release his second album Get Muzzled, on Vancouver label Sweet Rot.


Listen to the riffy swagger of “Hey Mover” and read a quick chat we had with Muzz.

Noisey: “Hey Mover” like the record has some glam boogie going on. Have you been listening to much Coloured Balls or Aztecs?
Muslim Delgado: That song is sort of a tribute to what the Aussies can do with three chords. I love the Colored Balls but the inspiration for that song came from a Stevie Wright’s Black Eyed Bruiser. I was trying to write good songs that were to the point while keeping the character instincts that make the band great which is "We play loud, "We're Weird!" but more varied in approach.

Meercaz has switched from recording project to band a fair bit. How solid is it now with the Visions?
Very solid. Brian Hamilton who plays drums and mixed the record is on the same page and has been great to play with. I tried a couple of lineups when I moved to Oakland with the idea of starting a new band and they would start well and then fizzle out. After the record was done Brian just seemed like the right guy for the cause. Plus I’ve already seen him around in his other bands The Fleshies and Swiftumz.

You are from Binghamton, New York and you’ve moved around from Portland to Oakland. Where are you calling home at the moment?
The album came out on my 5-year anniversary here in Oakland so I think Oakland is my home now. I lived in Portland since I was 14 and didn't leave for a long time until I knew it was time for a change. I've had some ups and downs and no in betweens here but I have no regrets. Plus the community is great. What is your favourite Twinkeyz track?
It goes between “ESP” and “Wild Love”. Although I think "Wild Love" wins out. I have the drawing from the "ESP" single insert tattooed on me. How nerdy can you get?

‘Get Muzzled’ it available now through Sweet Rot.

Catch Meercaz and the Visions Nov 29 in San Francisco at the Make Out Room with Life Stinks.