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Aww Heaven's Sake, Listen to Snubnose Frankenstein's "Yellow Cake"

Buy yourself a free slice of the Georgia/LA rapper's upcoming project, 'Schroeder.'
April 5, 2016, 2:16pm

Photo courtesy of Snubnose Frankenstein

Snubnose Frankenstein is the type of artist who tends to kind of just come up whenever cool stuff is mentioned. Earl Sweatshirt? Vince Staples? Two-9? Rome Fortune? He's there, somewhere, lurking. The Georgia/LA rapper/songwriter/producer/engineer, one-quarter of the group Lousy Human Bastards!, is preparing his solo album Schroeder, and now he's sharing the first, uh, slice of "Yellow Cake." Full of nonchalant boasts, the track is so laid back in its delivery it may take a few listens to fully appreciate the winding, vowel-heavy flow. Snubnose Frankenstein plays with rhythm in his voice like he's bouncing a basketball in a muddy field: You're not quite sure when things are going to slowly bounce in one direction or land and pause with a heavy plop. Just appreciate the moment when he blows a raspberry as he raps "jealous rage? pffff? / tell them they can catch the fade"


The song "Yellow Cake," of course, is also a reference to the weapons-grade uranium that captivated the national imagination in the early 2000s thanks to the Bush presidency and which was thoroughly parodied in a Chappelle's Show segment:

Buy yourself some yellow cake of your own via listening to this track, and get familiar with Snubnose Frankenstein right now:

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