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Premiere: Quebec's Caravane are the Best French Rock Band You'll Hear All Day

Take in the best French rock music you'll hear all week.

You know that feeling you get when you hear dope rock music whose lyrics move you to go out there and make a change, man? The kind of song that makes you want to stand up and say "yes!" or "no!" depending on the circumstances of the protest? Caravane makes that exact brand of driven and inspired rock music, but it's made infinitely better because they make it in French. Born in Quebec, the long time friends have played over 400 live shows with their other band, The Hunters. Now, the members of Caravane are here to drop a slab of hard-nosed blues rock right onto your unilingual faces. Carave's debut album, Chien Noir, is set to be released on September 2nd via Ste-4 Musique.

Slava Pastuk knows that Chien Noir means "black dog" or something - @SlavaP