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Check Out Gunplay's Triumphant New Mixtape "Acquitted"

MMG's toughest is back and DILLIGAF as ever.

Do yourself a favor and download Gunplay's flagrantly unapologetic new mixtape, featuring ten effortlessly witty, hard-AF tracks from the King Of Seabass himself. Gunplay's known to load his mixtapes with freestyles and skits but this latest transmission offers all original heat, excluding the previously released "Bible On The Dash" and "Pyrex," both so solid that you should have two versions anyway. "Drop Da Tint" and "Get Like Me" are clear highlights, with the kind of classic MMG minor-keys-over-pummeling-hi-hat-squall type beats Gunplay can annihilate in his sleep. Don't forget to grab tickets for his show at SOBs tomorrow, and stretch your elbows—you'll need them limber for your rap hands.


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