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Weekly Drop: Destiny's Child Sort Of Reform And MNEK Makes J.Lo Emosh

The new music you missed while you were ruining yourself over the Bank Holiday.
May 28, 2013, 11:21am

Movement Transmission” – Boards Of Canada

With the world still reeling from the Daft Punk advertising campaign, the slow realisation is dawning that from now on we’re only going to be able to listen to new music when it’s projected on the side of a building. First Kanye took to concrete slabs around the world and now Boards of Canada continue their interesting-if-you-like-that-kind-of-thing treasure hunt album campaign with a few pink blobs on a stage in Detroit playing their first new track in years.

“You’ve Changed” – Destiny’s Child (sort of)

Was there a Destiny’s Child reunion this year? I mean, they sang like a 1/3 of a song at the Superbowl and popped that slow jam on the end of their greatest hits, but it doesn’t really feel proper until you get to hear “Bug A Boo”. Anyway, this semi-reunion rolls on with a song on the Kelly album that is supposedly by Kelly Rowland ft. Beyoncé Knowles and Michelle Williams, who are, any 17th century Western philosopher will tell you, tautologous to Destiny’s Child. At least it's about some no good man whose going to feel the full force of Beyonce's back hand.

“When A Fire Stars To Burn” - Disclosure

Dance music miserabilists may be giving themselves whiplash from turning their noses up at Disclosure, but I’m one of many grateful for the sibling duo’s revivalist clutch on the charts. Especially when they follow up vocal-lead, radio friendly cuts like “White Noise” with club-heavy newbies like “When A Fire Starts To Burn”. Complete with a gravel voiced sample this is a fun house track that is satisfying in its simplicity, leaving the floodgates wiiiiide open for some awkward pop-locking moves.

Disclosure’s debut Settle drops June 3 via PMR in the UK and Interscope in the US.

“Waiting For Tonight” - MNEK

Obviously, J-Lo’s “Waiting For Tonight” was a triumph as far as baile funk meeting hispanic pop goes. But on this brand new refix, MNEK kind of has the upper hand on Ms Lopez from the get go, what with him, y’know, having a vocal range Diddy couldn’t even have faked in the studio for her. His honeyed vocals smother a sweet'n'simple electro beat, THEN he throws in a nod to UK garage smash “Flowers” to top it all off. Ugh, too good.

“And What” - Kowton

The flip-side to Julio Bashmore and Kowton’s “Mirror Song”, “And What” is an unashamedly rough juxtaposition to their decidedly softer collaboration. Kowton doesn’t hold back, indulging in lots of belly-rumbling bass and rugged drum loops that wouldn’t have sounded out of place pleasingly dark days of early grime.