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Andrew WK's Guide to Partying Hard

"If you're ever starving, there's good food up your nose".
Ryan Bassil
London, GB

If you want a wingman - and a real wingman; someone that will chaperone you into ending the night face-down in fuzzed-up bliss rather than face-down in someone you wouldn't look twice at in daylight - then Andrew WK is your man. He wrote "Party Hard" - the official theme song to getting the party going, partying, and partying hard - when he was twenty-two and he hasn't stopped partying since.

Next weekend Visions Festival hits London and Andrew will be getting involved in a few things: a Very Special Solo Show, partying, and hosting an arm wrestling tournament, where he will provide riveting match side commentary and goodies for whoever wins.


But before all that happens, Andrew - and everyone at the festival - will need to prepare themselves for a night out. This pre-party warm-up isn't the sort that involves looking at yourself in the mirror for 45 minutes at varying angles and dousing your scalp in hairspray. Instead it's more of a mental preparation; a chance to imprint your brain with various scenarios that will come in handy when you're stumbling around, clinging on to reality, and wondering what to do between Fat White Family and Alvvays.

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Visions Festival takes place Saturday August 2 at Oval Space. The line-up includes Andrew WK, Fat White Family, SOPHIE, Jaakko Eino Kalevi, Perfume Genius, Perfect Pussy, Cheatahs and more. Tickets are £25 and available here.

To apply for the Arm Wrestling Tournament click here.

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