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Premiere: Stream Travis Bretzer's Debut Album 'Waxing Romantic'

A refreshingly sweet and candid collection of breezy love songs.
February 16, 2015, 10:39am

Whether your Valentine's Day was roses and champagne or frozen pizza and Tinder, there's still a strong chance you will have romance on your mind this week, so it's only fitting that you start it with some appropriate musical rumination on the subject.

Enter Travis Bretzer, a Canadian musician who first gained attention with the casual bedroom productions of his Making Love EP - released on tastemaking Brooklyn label Mexican Summer - which whisked ambitious songwriting into his own singular, offbeat take on 70s guitar pop.

On his debut record Waxing Romantic, which you can file next to Ariel Pink et al, Bretzer is stepping things up. It's rich and warm; a deeply personal reflection on the first two years of his current relationship, as he frankly and sweetly acknowledges the landmarks and sentiments that have defined it. Kinda puts that £4 bunch of flowers you bought into perspective eh?

Stream the album exclusively below.

Waxing Romantic is out on February 23 via Mexican Summer. Pre order it here.