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Slip into an Acid Flashback with Bernard Fèvre's Video for "Skeeze / Earth Message" by Emil Amos

The OM / Grails / Holy Sons renaissance man blesses the library LP reissue with a trippy new video

Here is a double dose of Sun Ra- inspired space synth psych (and we mean space in terms of both pace and cosmos), in a two-song video from 70’s French library music composer Bernard Fèvre. Anthology Recordings (Mexican Summer reissue subsidiary) will release three records by Fèvre on May 12, with two tracks in this video from Suspense and Cosmos 2043. The music is, according to Fèvre, “rather phantasmo-psychédélique, like soundtracks to imaginary films.”


Here, the imaginary soundtrack is realized. The “Skeeze” section of the video will probably cause you to slip into an acid flashback, while the “Earth Message” section will cause you to slip into an alien probing nightmare. The video is by the prolific underground Renaissance man Emil Amos of Holy Sons/ Grails/ Lilacs & Champagne/ Om fame.

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