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Listen to Santigold's Sugary New Track, "Banshee"

Her upcoming '99¢' is already full of punchy tracks.
February 11, 2016, 6:57pm

Photo via Santigold's Facebook

The road up to Santigold's upcoming record

has been a fruitful and enjoyable one. Back in November when the record was announced, she put out her new song

"Can't Get Enough Of Myself,"

and a couple weeks ago she put out her wild new video for

"Chasing Shadows."

Today on Beats 1 Radio, Zane Lowe premiered another new song (he previously premiered "Can't Get Enough Of Myself") from the album as a World Record. The song is called "Banshee" and features an ultra sugary, catchy production to it laced with hand claps and what sounds like children.