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What the Hell is Going on in Meek Mill and Future's "Jump Out the Face" Video? An Investigation

"Jump Out the Face" is True Detective, Breaking Bad, and The Wire rolled in one.
July 5, 2015, 8:47pm

"Jump Out the Face" is one of the highlights of Meek Mill's just-released comeback album Dreams Worth More Than Money, and it just got a video. In it, Meek and guest Future ball out in a smoky bando full of science lab equipment and dudes turning up in gas masks. I don't know. Video's at the bottom. Let's talk about it for a second.

So we open on Meek Mill calling Future Heisman up from some kind of makeshift laboratory where he says Metro Boomin is cooking up the goods. Questions swirl already. Why is Metro cooking under a blacklight? Why is Meek calling Future to tell him the batch is being made? Is Future not burning up in that poncho? Why is he on a landline? Has no one seen The Wire? Do you know what happens when you conduct your drug business on easily traced phone lines? Did Avon Barksdale go down in vain?

This is what happens when you conduct your drug business from a landline. The police listen in. Why does our detective's equipment look older than she is, though? Her taste in pens is dope (Pilot G2s are a writer's best friend) but why is she writing things down? Shouldn't she be able to record this conversation? Shouldn't there be a record kept on a computer somewhere? Has she seen The Wire? It looks like she borrowed their tech.

Speaking of antiquated tech, those desktops look old, and they are most certainly not turned on. How many DTs does it take to turn on a computer? Why are there two officers listening in to the wiretap if the perps are just dancing around the house looking cool? Are they even at work? Is that a portable TV they're huddled in front of? Is Dukes of Hazzard on? Why does everything look like the 70s?

Future Armani. Future Dior. Future Lagerfeld. Future Balenciaga. I need to know that this commas jacket is widely available for sale, and I need to own one now.

"Do you like True Detective?"



"Look. And to think Sarge laughed when I asked for colorful yarn on the last supply run."

We kinda believe in Rick Ross now, huh? 2015 is full of surprises.

It looks like our heroes are surrounded. It looks like that one cop already spent the bonus he expects for helping crack this case. It looks too hot in that damn house for all these jackets and ponchos.

No goggles? No gloves? If Metro Boomin wants some more years on this planet he should embrace safety.

Meek's Pumas are fresher than mine. Future Osteen's traveling Wild West pastor aesthetic will never get old.

Time for the big bust. Ohhh, they ran up on the right house but no one's there. He's mad. She's mad. But all the equipment was left behind? Aren't you supposed to blow a meth lab up? Who won? Looks like Meek and Future jumped out the face, huh? Watch "Jump Out the Face" below.

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