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Relationships Are Confusing But Astrid S's Video for "Hurts So Good" Is Clearly Excellent

She's 19, she's Norwegian, she plays piano and guitar and writes slick synth-pop songs that pick apart what's going on with your heart.
May 6, 2016, 12:00pm

Here's what you need to know about Astrid S. Hailing from Berkåk, Norway, the pale-eyed blonde started playing piano at six, and a decade later in 2013 she found herself coming fifth in Norway's edition of talent show Pop Idol. (She wowed the judges reworking a Keane song on an acoustic guitar.) Two years after that she scored a massive, MASSIVE (like eight million streams massive) hit with a Matoma remix (he's a big Norwegian DJ) of her song "2AM" which ostensibly amped up the beats on her moody synth-pop ode to a boy who's racing round her brain and giving her insomnia.


This month she releases her debut EP which includes this latest track "Hurts So Good"—the video for which is premiering below. She says the song "shows another side of me," adding, "it's more like a ballad, and the range in it is a little different than I usually sing."

There's something kinda Rihanna-esque in her tones on the verse—a husky vulnerability—which perfectly suits this torch tune, about a relationship that's, guess what, deeply conflicted. It feels so good, it feels bad, but you just can't quit it. Or heal the schisms. The video meanwhile will have you falling for the wide-eyed teen. And booking your next vacation to Sweden.

“It was a very cool experience to shoot this music video," she explains. "I traveled to Stockholm for two days, and we filmed it by a summer house outside of the city and inside of a studio. I felt uncomfortable doing the scenes with the actor, where we were supposed to be in a complicated relationship. But after seeing the final result, it was so worth it. I'm very happy with the video, and I think it suits both the song and me.”


Astrid S's eponymous EP is out on 5.20 via Universal.