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Download an Exclusive "Toronto Thaw" Mixtape

The Toronto Thaw festival launches tonight—featuring a bevy of awesome artists that range from goth dance freaks, to noisy punks, to glam-rockers—and to celebrate the festival's eclectic purview we got them to give us a free mixtape.
May 1, 2013, 4:56pm

Our friends over at Telephone Explosion Records have taken a break from their busy schedule of detonating payphones and PDAs in their backyard, to throw a four-day party in the city of Toronto they're calling: The Toronto Thaw Festival. The bands vary from noisy punk, to gothy dance, to tripped out surfy glam-rock. It's a funeral for winter, for those of you that don't understand how Canadian seasons work, and if you're interested in attending—all the info you need is right on top of this post.


2013 is the third year that Telephone Explosion are throwing the Thaw, and it's always been an impressively good time. Instead of massive corporate sponsors handing out flashy tote bags full of crappy freebies, or running a festival with a line-up that is so lengthy you feel dizzy, the Thaw is a tightly curated, local celebration. That doesn't make the Thaw better than other festivals, it just makes them different.

Anyway, we got the gentlemen over at Telephone Explosion to put together an exclusive mixtape of Toronto Thaw artists for us, that you can download here. Tracklist below:

1. Breeze - Paradise (In a While)
2. Young Mother - The Well Tempered Man
3. Tarantula X - Syria
4. ABSOLUT - War System
5. DAS RAD - Silver Latrine
6. Hassler - Retaliation
7. Sins - Logic
8. Beliefs - Violets
9. Slim Twig - Clerical Collar
10. The Soupcans - Outlander
11. S.H.I.T. - Feeding Time