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Play The Griswolds' Video for "Red Tuxedo" on Your Valentine's Date Tonight

Pick you up at 7 o'clock sharp.

Guys: If you have the type of girlfriend who says she doesn't care about Valentine's Day and hates how commercial it is, guess what: She does care about Valentine's Day. She might not be into the whole flowers/chocolates aspect of it, but just because she says she doesn't care doesn't mean you should use it as an excuse to get drunk and go to the Rangers game with your buddies. Do something cute. Take her to that arthouse cinema to see a movie or buy her dinner at that Thai place she's been wanting to try. And if you really wanna lay it on thick, bring her back to your place and play her this video by The Griswolds for "Red Tuxedo."


"Red Tuxedo" is the song you hear playing on the trailers for all those movies that say, "Winner of the Blah Blah Award from Some Canadian Film Festival" and are about some couple who finds love and runs through the city together when no one's outside and it's really sickeningly adorable. Women love this. So you don't necessarily have to put on a red tuxedo, but you should at least play the video for "Red Tuxedo." Enjoy the Valentine's Day sex, care of your friends at Noisey.